Your Invisible Genius!

Your IT should fit your business like an invisible glove. So integrated that it seamlessly fits your business needs ensuring you are focusing on being the best that you can be, everyday.

About Us

Since 1997 Computer Network Integration has been providing IT services for small to medium business and enterprise. Computer Network Integration sees its responsibility to ensure that their clients’ IT environment run seamlessly allowing their organisation to operate efficiently and productively without the hassle and downtime of computing issues or a poor performing computing environment.

We at CNI believe its about how can we take away the pain of everyday business from an IT perspective so that business owners can focus on what they do best.

That is our primary objective. Whether you have one computer or 500 computers, if you have tools that operate efficiently you gain productivity. If you gain productivity and efficiency it will add to your bottom line. We contribute to your growth.

Our core business model is built on 4 pillars

  • Cloud Storage for Data and Servers
  • Managed Services Agreements 24 x 7 x 365
  • Cyber and Data Security
  • Ad-Hoc on-site and remote Tech support

Providing Managed Services is so important for our valued clientele. By monitoring their Computers, Servers and Network we ensure the efficient operation of their tools is kept to the highest possible quality of operation.

We also provide a cloud environment in the most secure and efficient Data Centre in the Southern Hemisphere offering the lowest power costs to our clients. This means we can move your Data and / or your Servers to a facility with the lowest costs and best security against Cyber and Malware attacks.

Backed by our efficient onsite and remote support you are in good hands. We built our resources and infrastructure around you – our most valued clients.